This is my own portfolio page which I have created in order to list all of my achievements and projects I have worked on.

Completed 10th grade from St. Paul High School in 2012.

Enrolled in Vocational Computer Science Junior College programme in Ramnarian Ruia College in 2012.

Completed 12th grade from Ramnarian Ruia College in 2014.

Enrolled in Bachelor of Computer Science Under Graduate programme in Ramnarian Ruia College in 2014.

I love writing on Real life as well as Sci-fi topics.

I am well versed in Front End Web Development.

I am well versed in Android App Development.

I have made my own version of the 2048 game for wishing farewell to my friends.

I have made a Library Web app using Hibernate for My own college Library.

I am even trying my best to master concepts in core and advanced Java such as Hibernate, Spring and many other.


If you want to hire me or any help from me you can contact me on my contacts provided or comment in the section on this site.

This is my Twitter page

This is my G+ page

This is my Linkedin page

This is my Github page

This is my Quorra page

 If you want to ask any questions you can leave a comment in the section provided and please share and like my site if you liked its content.


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