My Game Link

I got this Idea to make the game after taking this Course on Udacity along with the fact that my peers were taking a lot of effort in doing arrangements for the farewell while I didn’t do so much. It took me just 2 hours to make the changes from the open source code.

The technique was taught by them but the creativity is my own. Also if any one is furious because of their name being added or not added in the game just leave a comment and I will make  changes as soon as possible.

Here is a whole course summary listing all the key points and important links.

Firstly the course link for which if you need to have an account already along with enrolling for the course in specific.

You can play Gabriele Cirulli’s original 2048. (But be careful, we aren’t kidding when we say the game is addictive).

Thank you Gabriele for making this amazing game and making the code open source!

2048 is based on a similar game called 1024 and is conceptually similar to a game called Threes. Big thanks for the insight, creativity, and hard work of everyone involved in all these games.

You can right click on any web page and click Inspect Element to see the code that made the page!

You can find the game here. In the game, Open up Developer’s Tools by right clicking on any part of the game (in Chrome or Firefox) and clicking Inspect Element. From there, you can select the Elements tab to look at the code for the page. Try clicking on the little triangles to expand/collapse a section. If you double click on something, you can edit the HTML.

Download Sublime

You can download Sublime here. Note that we’re using version 2 in this course.

Fork The Repo To Get The Code

You can fork the 2048 source code (Udacity version) here. Once you have an account, you’ll need to “Fork” the repository and then Sync your local Github (which you just installed) with your online account. You’ll do that by:

  1. While signed in to your Github account, follow the link above.
  2. Click the “Fork” button on the top-right of the screen. This gives you a copy of the code, but it’s only online for now.
  3. Open up the Github program that you installed on your computer. Press the refresh button.
  4. Your version of the repository should show up. Click “Clone to Computer”

If your repo doesn’t show up in the Github program that you downloaded, it may mean that your online account and your downloaded program aren’t talking to each other. To fix this, open the Github program that you downloaded and select Preferences. Then you can login with your account.

You can also fork the original repo, but keep in mind this code might change over time from what is shown in the videos.

You can play the presidential version of the game here. You can also get the source code.

 Share Your Version

  1. The Github for Mac tutorial or the Github for Windows tutorial will explain how to have your local changes show up in your online repository.
  2. Now you can follow the Github Pages tutorial to make a shareable web page. Make sure you select the options Project Site and Start from Scratch.

    Understanding HTML

    A helpful student let us know the answer to the mystery… why is a div called a div?

    It stands for “divide,” since a div divides the content on the page.

As for the javascript part sadly the institution decided to scrap that part of the course but I am sure if you are good at javascript you are sure to understand that part by going through it part by part. If not see my Javascript Basics Blog before you make a mess of your code.

The rest of course is self explanatory even so if you have any problems you can leave a comment down below. I have written the above after I successfully completed the whole course myself and I do not have any part in the creation of the course materials. Neither do I enforce any readers to take the course for hopes of any profit for myself. Readers are free to take the course if they wish to improve their skills. The rest of course is self explanatory even so if you have any problems you can leave a comment down below. Also see my other posts if any of them solve your problems.



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